Past Life Regression

Past life Regression- Using the holistic therapies of hypnosis and Reiki you will be able to recover and release memories that are deeply rooted and unsupportive to your well-being. Through hypnosis your subconscious will  be accessed to return to past lives. You will be able to process what you learned easily and safely to help progress in your healing, Free your subconscious mind from past patterns by embracing the story that is playing out in the present. It is important to live in the Now – this very moment, but I request that you acknowledge that the lessons from our past contain key elements that empower us to live in this moment without any worries that we are making the right decision in this life. Blue Heron offers you the chance to release, remove and rewrite patterns that do not support your life’s purpose.  You’ll be taken back to the beginning to discover the source of your challenge. You will have the opportunity to learn, forgive and embrace a new perspective in a past life regression. 1 – 2 0r 3 two hour sessions. Call 971-720-0869  to  book your session.

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  1. Doug says:

    I am looking for a past life regression therapist.
    What can you offer? For what prices, etc?
    Is Blue Heron Transitions a good fit?
    My Best,

    • Sue Thornton says:

      I offer past life regressions and life between life sessions.I work on getting as much information as possible through all of the sessions. I record them and give you a cd of the session when completed. I enjoy doing these sessions immensely as I learn as much as the client does. I do not know if we would be a good fit working together, but I try to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Sessions are 60.00.
      It is very exciting to get names, dates and locations when we do regressions. Life between lives is totally amazing, when I can take you back to the last life you lived and you meet your guides, masters and teacher who can tell you what you are to be doing in this life.
      If you are interested in talking to me further please give me a call at 402 202 8303, or email me at

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