Spirit Guides and Totems

We all have guides, spirit and animal alike.  Have you just been drawn over and over to one particular animal that you just can’t quite understand the attraction? If so, this is most likely your totem or spirit animal.

Totems are any member of the animal kingdom that you have chosen to be your most loyal, constant companion away from our Soul Home. These animals tirelessly stand guard over us and are totally committed to our well-being.

Animals are the most divine creatures of the Creator of all that is. They already possess the sacred wisdom that we continue to return from one life to another to find.

Our totems reveal themselves in several different ways while we’re here on earth. If you’re drawn to a particular animal, completely fascinated by it – even if you’ve never owned or seen one, then this is most likely your totem.

Do you collect every statue or stuffed animal that you can find of this creature? I have a friend who is completely taken by hippos. She has quite the collection of statues, stuffed animals and sketches.  I am drawn to hawks, falcons, herons, and bears. Hawks are messengers for me, and the bear is my symbol and guide for healing, while herons represent my journey into the subconscious and bringing it to full consciousness. The falcon rides with me to keep me safe.

Along with the chart that we brought with us from Home, we brought along our totem. If you fear or dislike animals, you are  missing one of the greatest sources of loyalty and protection you brought with you from Home.

If this is the case, perhaps it’s time to find out why you dislike or fear animals, and overcome it if you can. No one should deprive themselves of the unconditional love, loyalty and protection animals give to us.

Our Spirit Guide is someone we trusted one hundred percent with our soul from our Home on the Other Side. They agreed to be our constant companion and helper when we made the decision to return to another life here on earth.

All Spirit Guides have been incarnated for at least one life. They’ve experienced all of the challenges, pains, fears, frustrations, mistakes and failures that we all encounter in the human world.

Your relationship with your Guide was developed between your spirit and theirs before you were born. So if you’re wondering, it won’t be someone that you’ve known in this lifetime.

Your Guide’s job is to encourage, advise and support you in reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself in this lifetime. They took the time to get to learn who we were at Home through observation  before we came back to earth. They memorized every detail of our chart, which we forget once we are born, then added their own perspective to the chart through other soul charts and the Akashic records.

You may be saying, yeah right, if my Guide is supposed to be watching out for me, then why didn’t he stop me from doing…. One of the jobs of the Spirit Guide is to never interfere with whatever decision or choice you make, or to take away your free will.

You made a deal with the Creator and your Guides right from the start that you’d go through this lifetime here on earth to learn and grow. Just like with a parent or caregiver, you can’t learn and grow if you’re constantly shielded from the lessons you need to learn. A parent or caregiver is given many years to teach, show and help their child make decisions, the right choices, and to learn from their challenges. But a child still has free will to abide by their parents’ wishes or to choose their own way. If the parent or caregiver consistently makes the decision or choice for the child, what does the child learn and how does he grow? The same goes for a Spirit Guide. They are not here to shield us from the life challenges that come our way to help or hinder our development.

Our Spirit Guides communicate with us in several ways, if we ‘d just open ourselves to listen. You may think you’re hearing your own voice talking inside your head. Sometimes this may be your monkey mind, or ego. Other times it’s your Guides, or Guardian Angel. You need to learn to discern the difference through what’s being told to you. Your Guide can also use telepathy or infused knowledge to get the information to you.

If your gut instinct or your conscience is telling you something, this is most likely a message from your Spirit Guide. Have you ever decided to take a different route to work or school without any good reason? Did you learn later that there was a very bad accident that happened along your normal route? You need to know you received your Guide’s message.

You are always welcome to talk to your Guide. You can and should ask for their help, guidance and assurance whenever you want or need. Just remember they can’t and won’t interfere with what was written on your chart before your birth. They won’t prevent us from receiving the lessons that we came here to learn.

If you don’t know who your Spirit Guide is, don’t use it as an excuse not to talk with them. If you want to know their name, just ask them or just make  one up. They will respond to any name that you choose.

The more you communicate with your Guide, the clearer your communication will be with them, and they will be more effective in keeping their promise to help you to live the life you chose to live.

Our Spirit Guides send us off when we leave Home to return to earth, and they are the first to greet us when we return Home once this life is completed. There, they will help us to make sense of all that happened to us here on earth.

Have you stopped to whisper a thank you to your Guide today?

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